Living respectfully with nature,
calm our mind and body down with food that is as kind to the body as possible.
The fire that makes a crackling sound is at the center of our lives,
and cherish time with loved ones.
Beautiful things made by hand, one by one,
with thought and care.
Embraced by the powerful earth
Nutritious products grown as friendly as possible to the earth.
We will bring you northern lifestyle from Hokkaido Japan,
filled with gentleness and healing.


Nurtured by the great nature of Hokkaido,
with ingredients that are as gentle to the earth and human body as possible.
The sweets are carefully made with ingredients that are as earth- and human-friendly as possible.
It seems to be a distant memory,
and yet they are also like newborns.
The power of the earth, and the thoughts of the people who carefully nurtured them,
and your heartful thought.
For special occasions and in the ordinary moments of daily life
We want our sweets to reach where they should reach.